Ship Fresh Citrus! Shop Arizona Navel Oranges & Grapefruits

Arizona Citrus is SWEET! So Taste the Best Navel Oranges in America!

Our Arizona Navel Oranges are SWEET! And you have great taste. For 50 years we have been growing the Nation’s finest citrus, nurturing our Fruit Orchards in the ideal climate of The Salt River Citrus Corridor in the East Valley of Mesa, AZ. Our all-natural, unique citrus grows and yields Whole Edible Citrus Fruits including Washington Navel Oranges that have been grafted onto the Rootstock of the Sour Seville. These fruit crops have produced award winning Organic AZ Citrus for nearly a Century.

We SHIP Great Gifts! Buy Fresh Arizona Navel Oranges & White Grapefruits

Both locals and winter visitors rush to check off their Holiday Gift lists, mailing our choice, fresh whole fruit produce to friends, loved ones, clients and business associates alike. Choose 40lb boxes of seedless navel oranges, tangerines, lemons, White & Pink GrapeFruit. We deliver directly to home residents and work locations across the entire Country. From yearly private and corporate Christmas gifts, to birthday presents or anniversary arrangements, Let us send you or someone special a box of 20lb, 30lb or 40lb ripe oranges, Marsh White and Ruby Red Pink Grapefruit, Eureka and Meyer lemons, Tangerines or Arizona Sweets. We can even mix and match. So GO AHEAD! Giving fresh fruit from a locally maintained farm is cheaper and superior tasting compared to anything found in a neighborhood supermarket. In fact, it is likely that your nearest grocer carries produce that is often dry, flavorless and picked before fully ripe, sprayed with preservative and then dyed orange.

Looking for Organic Arizona Citrus at the Lowest Price?

Our Tree Ripened Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemons & Tangerines are NEVER artificially dyed, colored or flavored. We pick, pack & mail only the highest quality specimens, culling out fruit with the slightest defect. GOT Citrus? proudly offers more local Arizona citrus varieties than anyone in the Phoenix Valley Citrus Corridor.

YES! The Best Tasting Sweet Oranges grow in Arizona

With hot summers, and near freezing winters, our arizona citrus trees are born and bred in the Sonoran Desert. Tested year round, These one-of-a-kind, award winning Sweet Navels begin producing a high yielding, juicy & rich fleshed variety in early December, lasting through April. This type of fruit is not offered by other citrus growing regions.

Arizona Citrus Fruit proven to be immune to Greening Disease

A nasty parasite is currently wreaking havoc on FL, TX and CA citrus crops, devastating 60 percent of Florida’s yield this season. Fortunately, our Arizona citrus trees are unaffected by this bug that prevents fruit from turning ripe, causing many other types of oranges and other fruit varieties to fall off branches green, dead and inedible. Producing fruit with an all-natural, organic like taste is priority number one… A priority that we take seriously. If a Customer is dissatisfied with a box of fruit delivered from our farm, we will buy it back.

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