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Buy Arizona Grapefruit Online. Looking for Marsh White & Ruby Red Pink Grapefruit?
Arizona’s Salt River Citrus Corridor provides an ideal climate for growing the Nation’s Finest, All-Natural Grapefruit Citrus Varieties. The Marsh White tend to turn ripe earlier, becoming sweet fleshed before the Ruby Red, which stops metabolizing glucose when left on the tree longer, vine ripening as it gets colder. However both citrus fruits are delicious all season long… Try both! Let us pack you a 40lb box filled with half marsh white and half pink ruby red.

Send 20lb, 30lb, 40lb Boxes of Arizona GrapeFruit as a Gift!

Whichever you choose, no one can go wrong by ordering 20lb, 30lb or 40lb boxes as Christmas gifts for someone special, or for an entire office floor. Once they taste the Arizona Grapefruit difference, they will forever be dissatisfied with anything else… Including other State’s produce, and especially their local grocery store grapefruit citrus.

Arizona Grapefruit Makes Great Juice! Healthy Choice Addition to Breakfast Meals

The Grapefruit diet has helped many lose weight, or stay healthy controlling BMI. Slice a marsh white or ruby red pink Arizona grapefruit in half and eat with a dab of sugar and a serrated spoon, or hand juice and reap the benefits of the all-natural flavored flesh, vitamins & antioxidants. Another option… peel (or don’t, the rinds host a lot of healthful components including anti-aging properties) and add to the smoothie maker with the rest of your favorite additives.